Friday, May 8, 2009


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Congrats to myself, Tammy and I got number 3 for the Biology Quiz!!!!!!!!!! Hurray~~~ xD

Hmmphh! However, I really feel so sorry for Tammy...
We got THIRD instead of 2nd or 1st due to my SILLY mistakes!!! Arggh.... I'm so so so SORRY!!
You know what did I write?
The question was : " Fill in the blanks. Nucleotide consists of ____, phosphate group and pentose sugar. "
I wrote nitrogen compound!
But the actual answer is nitrogenous base!
Argh, it was so simple and yet my brain went blank! *hit my head!!* Sad Sad....... T_T

Anyway, I know I should not grumbled at it. *console myself* Ok Ok, at least I know my efforts worth the 3rd prize right? Hmmmmm.......


Yay!! Girl-Girl Je-Je, Congrats to you!! =)
Weeeeeeee, lets go celebrate today and you belanja us!! Bwaha!! xD


Another 5 days to Midyear exam.
I have only studied Biology.
And all of a sudden I feel so lost after the Bio Quiz.
I stop studying Bio and I don't know what to study next.


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