Monday, April 27, 2009

3 more to go!

Ish i supposed to blog about this 2 days ago but I have been so lazy to type anything previously. Haha. Here it comes my MOOD to TYPE. xD

Last Saturday, as a result of my sister's suggestion to go shopping at Jaya One located in PJ, my family and I had a "wonderful" one day trip. Haha. I have been craving for this since long LONG time ago because I'm totally bored of the frequent visit to AEON Jusco. xP

When we reached there, we were shocked that the "Jaya One" has only two floors. Anyway, we did not consider that much but continue to shop. We entered a Hardware shop and we actually found it interesting because many extraordinary things are for sale there. *NyekNyek* Thanks to this trip, i bought a new bottle for myself! Hahahaha, Hurraay! At last, i found a nicer and non-leaking bottle to replace the old-blueish-leaking-so-called-Bunsen-burner bottle! =D

*For your information, some of my classmates started calling my bottle "Bunsen burner" after my blue bottle was placed together either accidently or purposely with other real Bunsen burner in the chemistry laboratory, and it somehow looks a bit like the huge version of the real Bunsen burner* xD

After finish buying at the Hardware shop, we accidently found out that we actually went to the wrong shopping complex! We went to Jaya 33 instead of Jaya ONE!!!! Omg! Jaya 33 is actually a commercial lot, and not a shopping mall! T_T

Haha, it is so memalukan that we made such a mistake but it was still a great family day to me. =)
Happiness will never depend on the location but it depends on how you enjoy the process, right?

I'm still in the process of studying Biology. I have proceeded to chapter 6. 3 more to go.

Aza Aza Fighting!

This is the first time I wanted to win something so badly that I really put efforts in it.
Pray for me so that I will make it through.

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