Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I entered Kuiz Kerjaya today, and of course, we lost just like what we had expected! Yeah, I don't even feel a teeny tiny little bit of sadness or disappointment because we didn't really put any efforts on it. Seriously, i joined the kuiz just because of the certificate and for FUN. I'm sorry to say that. =( I have feelings of inferiority when my ex-schoolmate or current Kwang Hua student, Maxine told me they have prepared for the kuiz for at least a month! Omg!

Anyway, don't worry, i will put more/max efforts in Biology competition. I have 15days left and 6 chapters left! Arrgghh! Hopefully the results will not be the same as the kuiz kerjaya. Haha!

Aza, Aza, Fighting!


*i feel like swallowing the whole bio book into my brain* T_T


Angeline said...

Gambateh o !

Yi-Yi said...

SUre! Thanks!! Muakkkss! xP