Saturday, April 11, 2009

Formula One

Heee, guess am I why using the binoculars?

Tadaaaa~ Because........ I went to watch F1 in Sepang!


Actually, i don't really interested in watching F1. I went there just because Aylwin got 4 free tickets and simply wanted to go for kacau-ing purpose xP

We left at 2pm, but we reached there at almost 5p.m. due to Malaysia's common problem, traffic jam lah.
We spent 3 hours of journey sitting in the car, but we just spent half an hour sitting at the field watching the race.
~This is car racing photo we snapped during the half an hour time~

Do you know why?
Because there was nothing nice to see lar, it was just like the small toy cars rushing over for around 5 seconds? Luckily, we left the place before the rain started to pouring down. Yiipi. Unfortunately, we spent another 3 to 4 hours in the bus and car. At last, we reached Klang at 10.00p.m.. *tiiiireeedd and hunnggrrryyyyy!!*

It was actually FUN because
I have a chance in experiencing the atmosphere during car racings,
I enjoy standing by the roadside together with my sisters with a huge umbrella on our hands and people staring at us as if we were crazy,
I enjoy snapping some crazy photos with my sisters and
I 'enjoy' stepping in the soft-disgusting-dirty-muddy mud which 'sticks' onto my legs and even shirts!

In front of Ayl's working place =)

However, all of us swore we will never go to watch car racing again! xP



Angeline said...

omg.. d 1st pic I tot your elder sis .. so look a like X3
tak panggil saya pergi pun T_T
but look from the photos macam tak syok .. haha

Yi-Yi said...

Haha! I didn't notice that leh.. My sis also said that pic looks like her.. T_T I look so old arr?? xP
Memang tak syok lah, imagine we spent only half an hour watching the race.. o.0 I panggil away pergi you have to pay RM100+ for the ticket leh... You still want to go? =P