Thursday, April 9, 2009

My memory Lane

There is full of surprises during my 17th birthday in school today! Thanks to all of my friends that gave me a wonderful memory at the last year of my secondary school life in SMKRM =)

Argh, Yee Ai and Zhao Yee's acting was too goooooood that i don't even know they were actually lying to me! Yee Ai told me that she has forgotten to bring my present. I believed it.

Next, Yee Ai came to Chemistry lab and told me that Mr. Bala and Pn. Juniza were looking for me. Her expression looked so serious like something is going to happen to me. I believed it.

The moment i stepped into Bio lab, Pn. Juniza said, "Ah? I'm not looking for you..." I was stunned and i still did not realise that it was their plan. I stood there like,"what happen?!" while everyone in 5S1 was looking at me. Omg! All of a sudden, I heard Yee Ai asking her friends whether to 'start' or not. I'm still in a full blur case.

"Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to shin-yi~ Happy birthday to you~"


I feel so "paiseh" that i quickly walked out of the Bio lab straight after Pn.Juniza wished me. But actually, I'm touched and surprised by their "shock greetment" (according to Shalini) xD After that, Zhao Yee secretly handed me a present, which is a small PURSE! Again, saya sangat terharu lahhhhh sebab saya punya purse sudah sangat HITAM...... xD *hugs hugs* =D

Third, My classmate (5S3) sang birthday song to me too! I'm shocked again because they just sang all of sudden after i went back to class. Weeeeee~ Thankkksss!!!!!

Fourth, after recess, i found out that all the stationery in my pencil case were gone missing to nowhere! At the beginning, i thought it was a prank from Megga the group. After searching my bags and desk, i found a blue pencil case in my desk. And of course, it was Yee Ai and Zhao yee plan again! Haha! The pencil case which is made by Miss Yee Ai is extremely special because it is the one and only one in the world~ =D Muaakkks! Thank you!

Fifth, the cake and the dog training book surprised me too! Thankks a lot!!!!! =D

Sixth, I received a doggie bear-bear and my favorite dark chocolate as my birthday present! Thanks, thanks, and thanks.

Seventh and also the last surprise, Cher Ee gave me a present and Maxine, my primary besty gave a chocolate during tuition! Haha! Again, "thanks" is the only thing i wanted to say..... =)

Oh ya,
Geok Wah's present is wonderful and her birthday card is very touching. Thanks.
I love Valli's "zip" chocolate and Farhana's "cloud9". Thanks.
Ain's birthday card is very nice and special. Thanks.
Lester's 'birthday paper' which he slipped it in the EST text book surprised me. Thanks.


Haha, don't worry, I'm just too happy.

Once again, thanks to everyone.

Its my greatest birthday in my life.


Angeline said...

aiyeerr.. so many present .. cemburu X3
haha .. sure terharu for what I did for your birthday !! =3

Yi-Yi said...

=D I'm very very terharu! You are really good in planning surprise, I think you should go study hotel management and work in event company =P