Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have done a good deed today! I reunited a small stray puppy with his siblings or maybe relatives. =)

On the way walking back to school from the restaurant with Yee Ai, Cher Ee and Zhao Yee, we spotted a small cute puppy wandering around aimlessly beside a shop.

As usual, we were excited and I started playing with the innocent little puppy. Who knows, it followed us when we decided to go back to school. Awww, poor pup, I can't bring you home =( When I was trying to "ask" the puppy stop following us, my friends told me there were a few more puppy hiding under a tree. So, I "instructed" the puppy by pointing and shouting "there! There, go doogie! Go there!" at it. Haha. At last, the cute little doggie saw the other puppies and rushed to them immediately! xD

It's so wonderful when you help the dogs reunite with their friends or family because they will never feel lonely and lost.

Weeeeeee! =D

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