Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Weehee another lucky day! =)

Today morning, it was drizzling. When i just stepped out of the gate, i remembered of my umbrella but i was too lazy to take it out. Haha! Luckily, when i was a few steps away from my house gate, my friend pass by and her mother offered to drive me to school. Yay! When we were on the way to school, the rain started pouring down . Wow, i feel so glad and lucky and thankful to my friend's mum because if she did not fetch me to school, i will be fully soaked!

How lucky i was!

But not now.... =(

All of a sudden, i heard a 'piaakkk!' sound and i felt something has dropped onto my forehead.

It is a small little black beetle! OMG! T.T


It then sticked on my shirt and i screamed for help! xD

# Yi-go yae-po-yo : This is beautiful!
# Khi-go yae-po-yo : That is beautiful!
# A-ra-so : I understand/ I see.
# Ka-ji-maa : Please don't go/please don't leave me.

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