Monday, March 16, 2009

Korean BBQ

Yesterday was my eldest sister's convocation. Naa and I have to wait outside the ballroom as we do not have tickets. We squeezed our brains out to find somewhere to lepak in the 'S' hotel. We were so hungry but there was no where for us to take our lunch because the food there is soooooooo expensive! Anyway, we decided to relax at the launch lobby and we ordered a pot of jasmine tea. A small pot of jasmine tea costs RM20!! OMG!! I didn't know even drinks in 5-star hotel are that expensive...... i swear i will not buy any drinks or food from there anymore! Haha!

This is the launch lobby where Naa and I have our RM20 jasmine tea.... o.0


Let's change a topic! Erhem!

For Korean food lovers, the "Korean BBQ" restaurant which is located at the 2nd floor above steak house or opposite biz cafe in Bukit Tinggi is strongly recommended by me! Haha! This restaurant is just much more better and more original in the taste than the one in A. Jussscoo because the food is prepared by a Korean lady chef. =) The kimchi soup, spicy ricecake, pancake, BBQ marinated or original pork or chicken are soooo sooo sooo delicious~ Mashisoyoo~ Seriously, it is really worth for you to try it out! =D

The side dish- tao ge

*Maaashita!* (means yummy!)

The redish kimchi~ Yummss!

Another side dish~

I think that is my hand~ Can't wait to eat? Haha!

The unmarinated BBQ-ing pork~

Looks deliciousssss~

Mouth-watering side dishes~

Even the vege looks appetizing~ Haaha~

Ginseng chicken soup with glutinous rice~

The tasty kimchi soup which i mentioned above~

The vege soup~

Awww, only one piece of pancake left! It is just too delicious that everyone fighting for it! xD

The marinated pork~

Lets learn some simple Korean sentence/words!
# Mee-ya-nae-yo : I'm Sorry!
# bo go ship ta : I miss you!
# du byae-yo : See you again!
# shing-ghu : friend

Du byae yo! =)

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