Sunday, March 29, 2009

Candle light gathering

Weeee, just like everyone else in every corner of this world, my family and i switched off all the lights during the Earth Hour! Yiippi!

It was special.

Thanks to Earth Hour, 6 of us, including my kakak have our candle light gathering! xD While folding the joss paper for Ching Ming Festival, we talked and joke to one another.

We discussed about global warming lah, the end of the world lah, the depletion of ozone layer lah, relationships lah, jobs lah, and whether residents of Klang Jaya switch off their light or not. Haha. 1 hour just flew away that FAST.


Oh ya, i went to the cemetery for praying today.
Ching Ming Festival is definitely a meaningful festival.
It teaches us to "追远", meaning remembering and honouring our ancestors. =D

# naa-pi-chio-so
: Are you crazy??!!

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