Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cussy and the Biawak

Two little lovely birds =D


I have not post Cussy's photos for quite a long time! I know you all miss him right! =P

Here's some updates about Cussy!

Cussy is growing into an adult and he is one year and three months old now! He has becoming a courageous, useful and steadier dog, although he might be super naughty and crazy sometimes. He is getting mature and i'm proud that he starts to protect our family and our home-sweet-home! =) Whenever we are inside the house, he will sit in front of the grill and looking at us patiently, sometimes even trying to join our conversation by barking at us! haha! Whenever we are not at home, he will sit by the gate and guarding our house. Whenever we are back to home, he will running around the house and barking around at something as if to prove that he is doing his job(guarding the house) when we are not at home.

Cussy hates people who wears in a weird way and people who carry some big garbage bags, in the other meaning, he hates people who wears like a bad person. Cussy hates huge tractor. Cussy is super sensitive in detecting the presence of insects or weird animals such as BIAWAK. HAHAH!

This friday, Cussy has successfully catch a small little biawak which is hiding itself in between the flower pots.

I'm curious why is he smelling around the flower pots. So i decided to move away the pots to satisfy my dog's curiosity. =) And a small biawak appeared and tried to escape from Cussy's paws. Unfortunately, the biawak was injured as a result of the attacks by Cussy. Aww too bad! So I, as the helper of Cussy, took a cangkul and "threw" the biawak out into the longkang! Heeeheee, see, I'm a good helper! =)

Cussy was inspecting around~

Inspecting in the bush~

The biawak was hiding itself in the pots, and Cussy is inspecting the pots. Haha!

And at last, I threw away this BIAWAK into the longkang! Kakaka!

This biawak tried to climb up!

Cussy is looking at the biawak in the longkang~

Aiyo, don't worry la Cussy, the biawak is in the longkang already, it won't hurt you larr! xD

Story endsss! =)

Good boy, Cussy! Muakss! =)


calebcwc said...

Whaa, yr dog is so much bigger and furry, and cuter.. i hope he is not as fierce as tyson or snores alot.Haha =)

Yi-Yi said...

haha! Yeah, Tyson really scares me lar, because he looks so fierce.. My dog is more to friendly type, he loves to play with strangers more than bark at them. =(