Sunday, December 21, 2008


Yesterday i visited my aunt who is 81 years old in Sentosa. She is an active person, she loves to walk, she loves to talk, she can't stand boredom. However, her backbone is injured and cracked. Imagine how painful is that. Backbone is the bones that support our body and movement, and now it's injured. Doctor said it is not suitable to do operations at such an old age, the only thing they have to do now is WAIT. My aunt have to consume painkiller while waiting for the cracks to recover. Ya, we know what the "wait" means. Wait. How long. No one knows.

It is just so sad whenever i see the poeple around me having bones problems when they are getting older.

Maybe my aunt's sons still don't get it what the "wait" means because they have never experience such incident before. But my family understands. It means suffer. Lying on the bed and waiting for the time to pass meanwhile sufferring from the pain.

She told my dad, she rather the doctor gives her an injection which let her go, go to the other world. It's just so sad.

Yes, I'm afraid.

Take care yourselves before its too late.

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