Friday, December 12, 2008


Argh I have been such a LAZY pig during this year end holiday!

Sleep, eat, play, eat, sleep! =[

Anyway, i have attended my cousin's wedding last week, and I'm glad that i have a chance to witness an Indian's traditional wedding ceremony! =)

They are having some ceremony at the day before the wedding day. My sister and I were carrying some food to be used during the ceremony.


3 of us with the bridesmaid(she is my cousin too!)

Tadda! She's the bride who is my cousin! Do you know that saree costs her RM1900?! Omg... that is so super expensive!

Another blue saree~

Haaha, the bride looks shy right... She's heading off to the temple for wedding ceremony..

The bride and the bridegroom~

Haha looks like as if we are the one who are going to get married! =D

The guestbook~
Spot my signature please! hahaha!

The huge wedding cake! Waah!

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