Friday, November 14, 2008


4 days trip was over. We had fun but everything seemed to last for only a short moment. Ish, I wish i can go back to Genting and Melaka now.

The first thing we did was visiting the Animal Kingdom and then the outdooooorr!

Genting trip was FUN because it was my first time i go to the outdoor.

My first ride in my life is the 'swing'. Ewww, I don't think i like the swing. It made me feel that my heart is going to pump out and i wanted to stop the ride as fast as possible. I thought i will not take a ride on this anymore. I thought i hate everything in the outdoor. I thought outdoor just doesn't suit me until i take a ride on the '4 person mini roller coaster'. And YES, i know what i love now! xD I love something fast and exiting (chi kek) just like the roller coaster! =)

Oh ya, bumper car is very nice too! =)

We took a ride on the 'swing'(I don't know what you call the thing that looks like the swing but it swings very very high), roller coaster, bumper car,pirate and etc.. And roller coasters are my favorite among all of them! =]

Genting trip was FUN because it was my first time i went there with FRIENDS, old friends and new friends.
I was glad that i went there with my good friends and we met them because they made our trip even more interesting and fun. =)


Melaka trip was FUN too! =D Although it was a little bit BORING when we visited the Auyun resort and the Bee Farm. Anyway, i had fun again when Cher Ee, Yee Ai and I went to eat the 'chicken rice rice ball' and lepak around the roadside stalls together with Nurse, ah seng, ah teo and their gang. =] ( Sorry if i don't remember your name )

The climax part was when we lepak out of the resort during midnight! Everything seemed so scary to me because the roads are all deserted and only two of us(cher ee and i) went with the guys. Yee Ai did not go because she was tired. Aiks, wasted la Yee Ai..

At the half way of the walking, we met an indian guard. We asked him whether there are any ghost around this resort and he told us some real ghost stories he experienced there. I was super duper scared that time. I know im a coward. Ish. =[
However, the guard appreciated us a lot because we helped him to fulfill his 1 hour out of the whole night doing ronda around the resort. Haaha.

After we went back to the lobby, we spent another hour chatting with Lks,J, CE, Ah teo and others and another half hour in hr's appartment eating magee mee xP We slept at 4.30a.m. that night/morning as we chat for almost 2 or 3 hours between the 3 good friends of us in our room. =) The next day we went to the safari and that's all about the 4 days trip.

Melaka's pic:

Zhao Yee and MEEEE!

Ee Ee and Ai Ai!

YiYi and EeEe!

Woo, the 3 leng luiS! =P

The apek who loves money~

Again, its us!

Fara Ain, Syarifah and Shahrul~

Cher Ee carried away by two elephants?

I'm carried up by the elephant too! I don't really feel scared during this moment because the elephant held me tightly.

Errrmmm.... o.0

3 of us with the little horse~

Yo, the cowboy and his horse!

Why was everyone looking at different places? I looked like as if i'm admiring him? Nooo, im not!

Ah, this pic is better =)

We were inside the truck..

Kim Sheng the 'liu da niang' and his "brother" Ah Seng~

The 2 fellow (Han Ren and Yau) were playing chess!


Animals in Safari:

MYYEEHHH~ They are so cute!


Animals in Animal Kingdom:

This is my favorite photo~ =)


The happy moments during the 4 days just seemed so contrast to what had happened after i went back home.
I don't feel like revealing out what had happened but i really appreaciate her for taking care of us for such a long time and giving our family a chance to have a great gathering.

Thanks! =)

* ps: More pics to be enjoy in Yee Ai's blog! *


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