Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Heeelooo! It seems like Cussy the naughty fellow has not appeared for quite a long time right....


Hmmm... I'm innocent! Why must you take my photo when i'm erm, half naked??!! =[

Grrrrrhhhhhhh! Don't take away my toy!

I want I want! Isssh!

Cussy has became a poser! *posing with his toy* Haha!

Do you feel guilty looking at the slippers you have half-way bitten?! xP

Nyek nyek nyek! I'm not guilty at all! *evilish Cussy!* =P


Haa! Adults gambling in PD??!! xD
While the kids playing in the room!! xD

Yummie~ Self-made steamboat~


This is a hermit crab caught by my cousin..

Whoa, we even play badminton in PD! =D

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