Saturday, September 13, 2008

Badminton wave!

Our school, or maybe our GANG are addicted in badminton recently. Super addicted! =) We played all the times, either in class, outside the class or in badminton court. We feel uneasy and 'hand-itchy' if we did not play for some time. What to do?? Badminton ROCKssss! =D

Yippi! Today is the best game i have ever played! =)
It's nice to see that the dewan is almost fully booked by Mahadians! You see, although some Mahadians are naughty and rebelious but we have SEMANGAT KESUKANAN! We love badminton!!! =) When badminton lovers despite races gather around, I feel that we are united! Other than exercising to be healthier,
badminton brings people of the same interest together.
badminton brings us closer.
badminton make us united.
badminton creates confidence in myself.

Badminton creates miracle too!
For example, my friend A does not like to play badminton and not good in playing badminton before meeting us. However, we succeeded in influencing her to play and she is addicted in playing badminton now! And she has improved a lot! You see, this is miracle! =D

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