Friday, August 29, 2008

It's not yours, It will never be yours.

Goood Morning!! =)

Do you know that yesterday is a great day to ponteng school?? Haha!
As the hardworking Mahadians were 'celebrating' our 51st Merdeka in school and decorating the class, 6 of us (Ah Ma, Lao Bu, Daughter-ME, Huey Yan, Hwei Mei, Tzun Ying) were enjoying ourselves playing women's triples badminton in the Dewan beside the cemetery! Opps, Pleaasseee, Don't tell Pn.Santhi the reason i ponteng, pleaseeeeeeeee!!

After a huge sweating, we went to Mobil to buy ice-creamsss and drinks! Yummms! They taste extremely delicious when we burned away our glucose in the body xP


I paid RM5.00 for the ice-cream which cost only RM2.20, BUT the cashier gave me back RM4.50! It supposed to be RM2.80.
As a typical Malaysian, i laugh secretly in my heart and kept the money in my pocket! I never tell the cashier about it. Bwahaha! Of course lar, I untung ma! =P
So, i bought another can of drink-Apple Aloevera with the lucky money. *Hehehe!* I thought i was super lucky but it's not. [There's the reason why]

Then we went back by bus. Okie, Do you know that pushing someone's hand away with the glance of irritating is very RUDE? Yeaah, an Indian lady on the bus did that to me. Just because I'm stinky. But can't she say, "Excuse me??" Excuseee me?? Do you know that is not the correct way to EXPRESS your feelings of "YOU ARE SMELLY SO PLEASE DON'T STAND BESIDE ME"?! Arghh. It's ok lar, I know I'm smeellyyyy. I know my friends are smelly tooo! =P

Cher Ee and I alighted from the bus at Raja Mahadi. For a personal reason, we decided to have a look at the school although there's nothing nice to look. =P


That is when we found out that JPAs were having their jamuan/gathering in canteeenn! Haa! So we ended up playing with the JPAs with Creaaamms. Ewww, colourful cake creams.
When i went back to canteen after washing my hand for only a minute, my Apple Aloevera disappeared! I remember i put it on the table! Arghh. I turned my head around searching for my Apple Aloevera and, and, AND i saw Thanesh was drinking my Apple Aloeveraaaa! He even passed the drink to Sherran! OMG!! My APPLE ALOEVERA!!!! *crrrrrrryyyy!*
Anyway, i'm not sad lar because I have fun there and i stole a packet of snack and a toffee from them! Blekk. Haha!

|story ends|

There is a moral value behind this tiny tiny story.

You see, I'm not being honest when the cashier gave me the wrong change.
Therefore, the drink which i bought with the extra change was drank by the others.
Gong Ping?

Definitely, Yes.

The moral value is : We will never get the thing which is not belong to us. If its not yours but you accidentally/purposely take it, it will never be yours too. [just like the money/drink-its not mine so the others will take away from me]

Haaa! Its funny because i learned something from this tiny story. Unbelievable. =)

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