Monday, August 25, 2008

Forget, forgot, forgotten

I just hate it when I'm being forgetful.


I forgot to attend a meeting which I supposed to go at 10.45a.m. I have only realized it at 11.30a.m. but fortunately, when i reach there, the meeting was not end yet, and it's not an important meeting at all. Graahh.

I forgot where I put my Sejarah and Komsas note book
I forgot who I lend my Sejarah and Komsas note book to. I always being lazy to note down who has borrowed my book and ended up searching the books high and low. It happened once when I'm getting frustrated that many of my books are "missing" to nowhere, I wrote it on the board-"Anyone borrow my XXX book? Please return it to me. Thank you." All of a sudden, my friend stopped me and asked, "Hey! Just now i borrow your XXX book right?!" "Ohhhh YAAA! I'VE FORGOTTEN THAT YOU BORROWED MY XXX BOOK!!" See?.. Graaahh.

I forgot that the key is in my pocket. I searched the table and i asked my junior, but i never search my pocket! Graaaaaaahhh.

Anyway, I'm not that totally unlucky today. I'm grateful that i went for duty today. Kekeke. As usual, my luck approaches me when i'm not aware of it. =)

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