Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Lightning Bolt =)


Yippaaayyy!!! I'm too excited now!! The Jamaican, Usain Bolt has just broken the world record in 200m!! I know, i know, although it seems that nothing is related to me but I'm still excited!! xP Although I am far far away from Beijing but I'm supporting and screaming in joy for you in Klang Jaya! =) I just love watching him running and dancing and doing some nonsense. Haha! He's cute. =))))

Anyway, thanks to Bolt because he is the one who made me know about this country - Jamaica! I've never heard of this country previously and I've never know that Jamaicans are awesome! They are so great in running! =) note:I know i can't do the way you all did, that is why i enjoy watching athletics.

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