Sunday, August 17, 2008



HEY!! MALAYSIAN out there!! Today 8.48p.m. please stay tune to the television because our Lee Chong Wei is going to fight with the super proud Super Dan/Lin Dan!! And please pray for our Lee so that the Super DAN will never get the chance to show off ("peel" off his shirt)!!! *vomit!* note:I hate him and his coach verrry much!!

Haa! Yesterday China men's double lost to Indonesia's pairs with rubber set!! Weeehooooo!!! Yess!! I LOVE it when they feel disappointed man!! haha!! I'm not evil, ok? Because they are too proud of themselves and think that no one can beat them! Whoever watch their match yesterday surely know how OVERREACTING are they!! Blek! I hate them too!! Even my dad wants them to lose because they are too hidung tinggi!! Bwahaha!! Padan muka kamu kalah!! =P

Goooo! Lee Chong Wei! =)


Guess what? Yeah, we lost. Lee Chong Wei lost. Malaysia lost.

The points are horrible. Chong Wei seemed can't concentrate and not determined enough to win the gold medal. That is not Chong Wei, maybe the crowd made him afraid? Lin Dan frightened him? Noo! LinDan played well, really good, he is strong in both mentally and physically. To me, Lin Dan looked like a monster yesterday! Haa! Although I hate him a lot, no doubt to say that he is the best player and he deserved the gold medal.

Yeah, Chong Wei's father said do not blame him if he lose. At least he got us a SILVER medal right? =)

Chong Wei, we don't blame you! You must not give up! Terus Berusaha! Mew Choo is always there to support you. =P


Angeline92 said...

ya.. he IS A MONSTER !!! gwah..
I laughed at one part where he though he got 1 point and so bangga but actually it was a fault...
haha xia sui XP

Yi-Yi said...

Haha! yes yes! Don't know why most of the China badminton player very proud and over reacting one lor.. Look at them oso geram..

Junny said...

Hihi.. What do you think bout my poem le? Hehe. 2 weeks didn't see u d, busy prepare for exams ah? Before i go, i wana say something
You're SO CUTEE!