Monday, September 15, 2008

Goldie? Doggy?

Do you believe that my dog is sensitive to his "girlfriend"'s name?

Yesss! You must believe it! =D

One day in the evening, a boy from nowhere brought his dog(A female Golden Retriever named Goldie) to the area around my house and my mum and I started to call Goldie whenever he pass by. My mum told me once that Cussy has reactions towards this name-Goldie but i never believe it till i did an experiment myself. I called, "Gollldddiiee!" Then Cussy's ear seemed to move a little bit and he became alert and started looking around. Anyway, i still assumed that it was just a coincidence. But after i tried this many times yet he still gives the same reactions and even started to walk to the direction that i pointed to.

I am being a little bit naughty that I love to fool him around by simply calling, "Goldie!" and turn my head around pretending like I am not the one who call it. Blek!

Another day, I simply shouted while pointing at the bird who was trying to have a bath in my dog's water,"Doggggggy! Cussy, there, doggy! Go, dogggy, there!"
Guess what he did?
He quickly turned his head around and chased over the bird! xD

Cussy might be misunderstood over this word-Doggy but he knows that I am directing him to have a look or investigate something. See? They are smart. =)


Today I have some muscle pain on my waist and shoulder resulted from the "training" provided by my Tok Guru/Coach- My dad!! xD However, I know it is worth to have the pain in order to be good in badminton. =)

Imagined i was only standing on the same place for only 15 minutes while whacking the racket as hard as possible but i started to sweat aaaa looootttt!


OMG, i have already whack as hard as i can! Isssh! Okay, let me whack the hardest one!

"Yess, CORRECT! You should whack this hard!!"

=) Yess, I'm touched by my dad's encouragement. Although my dad was being fierce, strict and even sarcastic during the short training, I am determined to learn! I want to be strong and good in badminton as this is the only sport I am good in. =)

My dad asked me to trained myself by keep on waving the racket in house or anywhere to improve the strength of my arm.

Yes, sir!

I will do that right after i am recovered from the muscle pain. =)

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