Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Here we go, badminton's final!

Ops! Happy Belated Birthday Cher Ee!!

=D A special wish to you : Hope that you can decrease your rate of "gao zi bi"! =)


Here's the Olympic badminton's results:

WONG Choong Hann vs HSIEH Yu-Hsing : 1 - 2 ( Malaysia lost!! T.T )

NAVICKAS Kestutis vs LEE Chong Wei : 0 - 2 ( Malaysia won!! Yipi! Lin Dan, beware! Chong Wei is on his way to beat you to the deepest of the ground! Bwahaha! )

TAN Boon Heong / KOO Kien Keat vs SAKAMOTO Shuichi / IKEDA : 2 - 0 ( Yesss! Keep it up, KKK TBH! )

Choong Tan Fook / Lee Wan Wah vs LEE Jaejin / HWANG Jiman : 2 - 1 (Nooooooooooo!!! We lost!!!! Noooooooooooooooooooo! =/ )

Aiks! Unfortunately, I missed out all the games! =( Too bad! Anyway, i promise after the test I'm going to concentrate on watching Olympic! Haha! No more study! =P


angeline said...

lol.. every time gao zhi bi.. dunno wat to say.. hais.. maybe we should sedarkan her..lol

wah.. lee chong wei so hebat ooo 0-2

Yi-Yi said...

ya! It's just a small thing but she thinks too much already... =/

Hehe! Of course! =P