Friday, August 8, 2008


Haa! For Chinese, today is exactly a GOOD date (08/08/08), even Olympics are going to have their open ceremony today! However, there are some PEOPLE out there that celebrate OTHER kind of negative activity too which makes the school teachers and students miserable. They have even spent lots of money to buy SOMETHING to celebrate it! Graaah, i just hate it. I hate them. What to do? They are proud of involving in this kind of activity because they can never open their eyes and make use of their brains...

Maybe they are too free? Maybe they think that their life are soo boring? Maybe they have never learn morals or sivics? Maybe they are too immature to differentiate POSITIVE and NEGATIVE? Maybe they never read newspaper that there are thousands of people out there that need that money?

Haiz.. Pity them lar, they are all small little baby who can't think for their parents, family and themselves.


HahHaHaa! Dogs are sooo cute!! In case you still have not realise how funny they can be, please see the pictures below carefully! Kamsamhamidha!

T.T owner abuse! The dog is biting his owner! T.T

*At last, Cussy the dog is regretting for what he have done to his owner?* xd

Cussy:"Hmmm, I'm going to be a vegetarian today because the grass smells so tasty!"


See! See how big the tooth is?

He seems enjoying himself on the natural carpet.. That's why lar ticks love you so much..

Anyway, he is a busybody too! He will make sure that he always know every single detail of things that happen around him.

See? That's why he is well known as Ji Po Gou!
*ji po gou = ke po dog*

Okay! Let me introduce you Cussy's favorite toy!
Taaada! It's a dry leaf.

His serious looking when 'playing' with his 'toy'..


He is willing to share his happiness with the people around him too, by inviting them to play together! xD

Tug O' War?


Great smile.

Cussy is emo-ing?

Opps.. Too much of dogs already..
Haha, i'm so sorry that i can't control myself from uploading the pictures into this blog!

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