Saturday, August 2, 2008

Something Wrong

People said the world is going to end soon, but i say the world is opposing its movement now!

This is all because i found out that guys nowadays are more KPC than girls/women!
*KPC=Ke po chi=busy body*

I'm not offending anyone of you all but if you feel that you are offended, then may be you are one of them!! =P Opsss...

You see, nowadays, guys ask more questions in details than girls now! You told him A, he wants to find out A, you explain B to him , he wants to know more about C! Omg! Why must they know so in details about everything? It seems like it is a big deal to them and they must korek out everything from our mouth or else they will never sleep well. Awww. I can't understand why they want to stuff their brain with those small small tiny tiny stuffs ......

Who say girls are being busy body?
I say guys are being busy body more than girls now.
*cough* Of course not all, i mean some. =)


Angeline92 said...

yaya.. Agrees looo especially someone.. =3

Yi-Yi said...

xD yes yes! Agree! *hi5!* =D
But i'm not talking about him looo, i'm talking about overall guys... =P

donkey said...

i makan cili, terasa pedas.. haha

Yi-Yi said...

Hahaha! I know who you are, DONKEY!
Of course you terasa pedas, because you are one of them!! =P jk jk, but if you wanna admit that you are one of them, saya tak boleh buat apa-apa kan... =P