Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wong Mew Choo

Current results of Malaysian team in Olympic Badminton:

Wong Mew Choo Lost to Lu Lan with the result of 7-21 , 27-29!! =(
No semifinal for Mew Choo!! =/ Anyway, Mew Choo deserved the respect from everyone of us, just like what the host said, because she did every of her moves with power! I salute her because she is very determined and will never give up. Although she has disadvantage of height compared to Lu Lan and other tall players, she always do her best in every moves to hit the shuttle back to her opponent.

She is known for her exceptional endurance and stamina, the result of training alongside male shuttlers. Without any significant attacking arsenals, she initially built her game based on fitness and defence, with the ability to run a continuous, long rally; sending everything back to tactically superior opponents until a mistake or an attacking opportunity appears. Such tactics have served her well, but put a lot of pressure on her knees and ankles. She has been known to suffer from various long term injuries in her playing career.
*quoted from Wikipedia*


Wooo! I'm looking forward to Koo Kien Kiet and Tan Boon Heong's match! They are competing with KIDO Markis and SETIAWAN Hendra(Indonesia).. Isssh, I'm nervous! Ha! xD

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