Monday, June 16, 2008

You Da Man!!!

Yiiiieeeeppppiiiiiieeeee! Let me tell you why i am sooooooooooooooooooo happy man!! =D

Erh-HUM.. Please don't put much expectations on my happiness, you might faint after reading my rubbish stuff. Thank you for your cooperations and here we GO!!

My dog has learned how to pee with leg opens on a tree like the other NORMAL male dogs do everyday!!!!!!!!

You see, i told you right, don't expect any GOOD things from me. Just assumed that i'm mad lahh. I'm okay with that. =)

Anyway, it's a real proud thing for me as Cussy the dog has turned into A TRUE MALE DOG man!! Oh my god, i feel like shouting this out loudly to the public! xD

It just happened yesterday when i brought him for a 30 minutes journey walk around Taman Klang Jaya. Lol, you can find a mad girl bringing an active-and-keep-on-smelling-shit dog wandering around the area. Hahaha. Yeap, he loves to smell other dogs' shit but he never eat those chocolate stuff lar. xD And all of a sudden, he stopped at a bush and started to pee there. I was like, "OMG, what are you doing now??!!" It was the first time he pee outside the house you know, so its not a small matter anymore. And the actions repeated the second time when i walked him to a place full of big tress. I was unaware that he pee again on a tree with one leg opened!! I was extremely shocked and i can't resist myself from talking to him, "Cussy, wow you goooddd boy huh!! I didn't know you know how to pee like this!!!! Goooooooooooood boyy!!!"

I know some people might think,"This girl is over reacting larrrr... DOGS peeing on the tree is so common and natural like how a MAN will pee in toilet!"

No No No, Cussy is acting quite girlish previously and now, he is being more manly, so it's a BIG thing Okie! I love manly dogs like Halo =)

Alright, nites people. Its time for dreams to take over the stress in mind.

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