Sunday, June 15, 2008


Guess what? I met Cussy's relatives yesterday! Lol.. His relatives include his mum, his dad, his aunt and his little cousin siblings are all cutie pies! =D

Naa and i went to my sis bf's house to watch KungFu Panda while my sis bf is formatting naa's new laptop. For the whole half day we are spending our time in his room by chatting with dee and me struggling to go out and play with the pups and dogs. (Why struggling?) Because Naa is too afraid of all the cutie pies. She didn't allowed me to go out because she said she will be alone in the room if i go out of the room. (Whats wrong to being alone in the room?) Because.... naa said not good. (Hmm????)

So, because of this reason, i was peeping the cutie pies frolicking at the yard but ended up "scolded" by ayl's uncle as i kept on calling sandy's name and made her jumped on the window. -.-''

But at last!! At last!! *shout out loud* I have a chance to go out and play with the cutie pies!!!!!! OHHHHHHH YEAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~~~~~
Ayl's mum asked me,"you want to go out and have a look at the puppies?"
OF COURSEEE!!! I shouted in my heart!
"Ok.." i said it POLITELY. xD
And here i went to touch, play and sayang them! YAHOO!

Cussy's cousins:
  • Hazer-The most playful and active looks-like-yellow-lab pup, she keeps on jumped on me!
  • Benny-The fattest black-and-white-with-two-white-dots-on-his-eyes-like-eye-brow pup, he is too fat to run so he kept on lying down on the floor and waiting for me to sayang him!
  • Sandy-The weird looks-like-Cussy-sand-colour pup, shes friendly too but smelly... Awww..
  • Mumu-The looks-like-cow-therefore-named-mumu pup, i don't have much impression towards him.. too bad..
Cussy's aunt:
  • Socks-Shorty cutie who always leading the others to play and bark!
Cussy's mum:
  • Silk-Black Labrador with shiny fur! Friendly like Cussy and looks like Cussy too!
Cussy's dad:
  • Benji-I never play and even touch him before because of his huge size and fierce looking face! Anyway, some of his actions prove that he is Cussy's dad! xD
That's all about Cussy's relatives!! =)

I think i miss them now! Because They are all happy-go-lucky and friendly dogs!!


The big fat Benny =)

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