Friday, June 13, 2008

Toys, toys, toys!

Okay, Lets guess what is Cussy doing!!!! Below is Cussy's monologue:

Hmm.. I wonder my new toy is made from what?.. Lemme take a deep bite on it..
*kkrrhhaaakkkk* (sound of biting)
*bulb lights up!*
Aha, I think its sort of plastic!! (Easy to crack)

What an interesting toy because i have never play this kind of huge toy before! Big, light, thin and easy to crack-Suits me a lot!!
*KKKKKKHHRRAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!* (louder sound is produced by his biting)

Alright, I have to take a rest right now, i'm tired already lar! But i will never let go this toy because my evil and mean owner will keep it away from me once i "return" it to her. Hmm... i must protect my toy!! *Hugs his toy tighter with his paws*

Ahhhh!! My bad bad owner is coming already, RUNNN!!!!!
*runs away with his toy!*

Phheewwww... It's safe now... My owner is away now...
*laugh silently in his heart*
Yiiippppiiii!!!! Lemme lie down in a comfortable position to enjoy my toy.
LaalalalLaLAlalLAlalalala~ *singing satisfyingly*

Let me find a new place to enjoy my new toy!
New place, new toy= YIIIIPIEEE!! =D

Whats inside huh??? Monster???!!! GRRRRHHHHHH...!!!!
wrroooffff! wooooffff! I'll KILL you into piecesssss!!!!!!!!

Hmm.. I'm so thirsty now... I wanna drink water but i don't wanna give up this toy...
I think its safer if i put it beside the water bowl right????
You seee.. I told you right, IM SMART!!!!

Below shows the evidents that Cussy IS running away with his toy.
Advise from his owner: BEWARE! Dogs under age mustn't follow his example.

Okie, I'm sad to announce that the "CUSSY-NEW-TOY TALES" is going to end here. Thank you for your supports.


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