Saturday, June 21, 2008

Perdana Menteri At Tokio Hotel

The title above is actually a lame joke created by my BIO teacher but i did found it useful in memorizing the 4 different stages during mitotic phase. Hehe.

Okiee, today i think i have gone over quite a bad day due to the "P.M at T.H"! She acts like she IS the perdana menteri, commanding everyone with her EERIE voice and "smilling" FAKELY. OMG! I feel like.... errhhhmmm... vomiting??.. Yeap! Sort of! Just like what Farhana and I did this afternoon - open the koperasi paper bag and vomit inside! Oh ya, Farhana is the one who found out this great idea because the paper bag looks like the aeroplane-vomit-paperbag used by Mr.Bean! xD

Back to the topic, SHE's SO IRRITATING! AGRH! I'm GLAD to see people BOMING her during the rehearsal. That's what all of us trying to do that to you. Do you realise that? No, you won't.. Muka tebal lah lu!

*Breathe in*


*Breathe out*

Alright, back to happy topic! =) Let me update some new pictures of my lovely dog!

#Tomorrow is our family Genting Trip! Looking forward to the trip! Especially when my 2 lovely little cousins (mei mei and jiesheng) are going too! Yippi!#

#I can't sleep now! Maybe because of being too excited.. I don't know larr... My mind are so clear now and i can't sleep!!!!#

#Cussy's soooo noisy now! He's barking non-stop and i'm afraid that he will irritates all my neighbours and my family!#

It's time for sleepiness and dreams to conquer my mind... Nites!!

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