Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I am so tired

I am tired. Really. So tired. Ish. After coming back from Genting, i get tired easily and my eyes automatically starting to closing down after 10.30p.m. (now!) OMG! What happen to me???? It seems like i have A LOT OF things to do. It makes my mind squeezing all the time, thinking of the letters, the trip stuff, homeworks, tuition and dogs....... I WANT A NICE SLEEP! A REAL 8 hours sleep! So, what am i doing here right now??!! crapping here but not going to sleep??!! GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!!!

Wait a min, i have just watched a stupid movie showed by my phy tuition teacher. We learned about atmospheric pressure today and he showed us a short movie about "what if a human go to the outer space without the space suites?"

You know what happen?? Our blood vessels expands and eventually BURSTS. BURST! Eyes pop out, blood rushing out, body expanding.......... But its not scary at all. I mean the movie. So unreal. It made me laugh because the stupid animation. Who did that movie lar?? So lame.

Alright, nites..

A good rest is the preparation for a longer journey.

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