Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Ah! It seems like i am not that tired now... After sleeping for more than half an hour in class during maths period. Shhhhh... Don't tell my parents about that... Bwahaha! xD Anyway, I'm not being rude for sleeping in maths period lar, its just that my maths teacher who is just a 1 month trainee in our RUBBISH school is talking very softly and her writing on the board is so TINY. So, don't care lar! Let me be a lazy pig! Haha.

Noonooo, i will concentrate in my maths tuition later.

I just bathed my dog, Cussy! Whoohoo! Hope i can kill most of the bloody ticks!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

u getting lazy ar now??
im very busy over here..aih..i got to rush my assign coz i got a GOOD leader..
hows everythg over ther? hows cussy??
hey! go n see my facebook la..alot of crazy pic u seldom come on9..i only get to chat vf mum n dad..u n naa duno hilang ke mana..
keep in touch la k!!

miss u all soo much!