Friday, June 19, 2009


What a lucky and UNLUCKY day today.

When teacher was giving back Add Maths paper and when I knew i got 80 per 80 for paper 1, instead of being happy, I was worrying about my water BOTTLE. Oh my lovely blue-sea-land-air bottle. I lost my bottle after i went back to class from chemistry lab.

I was too depressed that my bottle went missing and asking most of friends whether they saw my bottle or not. xD

At last, all of a sudden, i recalled back that I left my bottle in 5S1. So i went there to take back my bottle with Zhao Yee.

When I was so happy and relieved of having back my bottle,
When I was drinking water while climbing down the stairs,
I FELL down from the staircase because i missed out one step and
I sprained my right leg.

its soooooooo embarrassing lahh!!
I sat on the floor at the staircase,
my leg lost its conscious and feelings for a few minutes.

Luckily, Zhao Yee helped me a lot. Thankkks, my good friend!! =)

At the same time, I found out something sad.
There were so many people passed by the stairs but no one actually stop by to help me or concern about it, except my friends and teachers.

See, sometimes people might be very cruel and heartless.


This is also the first time I was urut-ed. Ewww, i hate that cracking sound of the bones when my friend's dad was uruting for me. *kkkkrrrriiiiaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkk!*

Anyway, my leg feels better now. Hopefully it recovers quickly because I want to play footsal/futsal!!!! (i don't know how to spell it)


Angeline said...

haha.. actually want to hide your water bottle but yuhua toooo baik hati .. XD
Aiyerrr shinyi fall down o..
your leg got swollen??

Yi-Yi said...

yeerr you bad bad lar... i so susah go find the bottle.. =(
haha jk..
A bit swollen lor but not pain already la now, thanks to siewling's dad!!