Saturday, June 6, 2009

Muaks Penang!

Day 1

I went to Penang on 3rd to 6th of June organised by Koperasi with my friends. =)

At first i thought Penang is a bored place as Penang is famous with its historical buildings or places, other than its food-Asam laksa, kuey teow th'ng, jeruk and biskut tambun.

After a 5 hours journey in the bus, at last we reached there!! Before that, we had Prawn Mee Soup as our lunch and the tauke gave us a bowl of free Ais Kacang too!! Weeee!! Haha we are sooo lucky!! =D

We were welcomed by hosts from SMKA (p) al-Mashoor with their Silat performance. The school is an asrama school where we have to sleep there. Oh Oh....

After some briefing, we carried on our journey to muzium USM which exposed us to some Penang historical things such as Gendang, wayang kulit and etc.. '

Guess what is this?
Our shoes are glowing in blue!

Next, we went to take a ride on the FERI. It was my first time riding on a feri! =D We took lots of photos on the feri because we were tooooo free xP

Zombies Zombies walking into the FERI! xD

We counted the total car that can fit into the feri while waiting to enter the feri xP
Total: 33!

Me, my new 'sister', my 'ancestor' and my 'grandma'!

After that, we went back to the asrama and SLEEEPPP.... However, we found it difficult to sleep so the 6 of us, Li'Sheng, Cher Ee, Yee Ai, Huai Li, Wan Xin and I "stick" together on 4 beds to play cards and finally, we ZzzZzzz.... Although Yee Ai and Cher Ee kept waking up in the midnight, I still slept comfortably througout the night xD I'm a pig!! Bwaha!!

Day 2

We enjoyed the second day the most as our schedule is pack =)

In the bus, the hosts taught us some Penang dialect and told us some Penang histories.

Let me teach you, they pronounce air(BM) as ayaq, muram as mandung, girlfriend as marka, boyfriend as nana, air longkang as ayaq achak, saya as kami and awak as hampa or hang. xP

First, we went to Bukit Bendera( Penang Hill ) by cable car. Weee, I spotted a huge and wonderful mansion on the hill and I swore I will buy the mansion one day! Haha! The air on the hill was totally fresh and cooling, and we have explorace there. The explorace was quite interesting as we ran up and down the hill finding for clues.

Our team, HARIMAU(Me, Cher Ee, Yee Ai, Sonia, Huai Li, Wan Xin, Li'Sheng) rockz!! I think we got 1st during the explorace!! =D

We went to Kek Lok Si temple after that. It is a magnificent buliding! We took this chance to pray too! After finish visiting the place, we went to buy the biskut tambun and 'beh teh soh' on our own. Yummmms! I love "beh teh soh"!!

Later, we headed on to Queens Bay mall and have our lunch there.

We went to war musuem later on. I suggest everyone to visit to Muzium Perang because its really very interesting and exposed you the cruelty of war. It was built by the British army and taken over by the Japanese when the Japanese won the WW2.

Before we entered the museum, the hosts warned us that DO NOT LOOK BACK WHEN WALKING THROUGH THE TUNNEL! Omg, everyone started to make noise when the one of the hosts told us that she saw something last year when she entered the museum.

Erhem, you know, I'm one of the coward xP I was nervous so i shut my mouth throughout the visit. I feel sorry to KS because I showed him 'black' face when he tried to play with me. So sorry =(

The most exciting and scariest part was when we were walking through a secret tunnel where the middle part was totally black out and I can't see anything at all as if I'm blind. We don't know where to go next, so we just held on one others shoulder and kept on passing message about when to turn left or right. ALl of a sudden, i was scared when the people in front of me left me alone without a person to held to, and the people behind me kept shouhting, "Jalan perlahan sikit!! SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN!!"

Thump! Thump Thump! Thump! *My heart was beating fast!*

When everyone went out safely from the tunnel, I felt so relieved but i still can hear my heart was pumping loudly. Phhhewwwww~

Again, we crawled through another smaller tunnel in the underground a few metres below the ground. This tunnel was much more better as there was light along the tunnel. We have to climb up a vertical stairs and people cheered and applauded for us when we successfully climb out of the tunnel. =)

Erhem, actually, before climbing the second tunnel, i thought my tears going to burst out as I was too nervous. *shy shy* Luckily, i was able to control my emotion. =) Anyway, i think i'll not go the museum the second time as i don't have enough courage to walk through the tunnel the third time. xP

After that, we went back to the asrama and every group were told to perform something. So, we decided to sing Love Story by Taylor Swift while Yee Ai and Huei Li acts as Romeo and Juliet. xD
We had a great time during the practice. =)

Day 3

The last day!!

After the closing ceremony, they announced that Harimau group (our group) won the 1st place! Hurraayy!! Haha at least our hard work running up and down on the Penang Hill and the practice for the performance was not wasted. Anyway, every group got a hamper and a bag as a souvenir. We hugged each other and say goodbye to them. Lastly, after taking group photo, we left the asrama school and headed to Batu Feringgi.

We had a great time enjoying the waves and sea water and taking photos on the beach. Unfortunately, we were told not to wet our clothes so we cannot take a ride on the Banana Boat. Awwww.... =(

After that, we went to Komtar, the tallest building in Penang. Instead of visiting Komtar, we went to shop around the shappong mall besides Komtar. Li'Sheng and I spotted a nice shirt in a clothing shop. It costs 2 for RM25. We tried on the shirt and decided to buy it. The moment when we were going to pay for the shirts, Yee Ai called and told me that there was a cheaper shop on the third floor. I quickly told the cashier, " Arrr, WAIT! My friend called me in urgent! Sorry, I'll be right back!" I felt guilty as we bought the same shirt at the third floor because it costs only RM10 or 1 shirt and we never go back to the shop again.

After we have our lunch, we started our journey back to Klang. Sad Sad... T_T
We spent another 5 hours in the bus by playing cards, chatting and playing some silly IQ questions.

Finally, we reached Raja Mahadi around 7 something and "forced" to say BYEBYE to our friends.

The END!


Comment: I really enjoyed this trip and Penang is a great place to visit to! =) Hope to go there again next time with my family or friends. Muakkks!! xD

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