Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sun Shines into my Heart


We have visited Sunshines, the old folks home which is located in Taman Chiliung yesterday. Although our main purpose is to take photos for the Moral Project, but it made me realise that we are actually doing some good deeds by concerning some of the old people who are neglected by their children.

At the beginning, we don't really know what to do once we reached there. The atmosphere seemed so weird and quiet, so we feed the old people 'yellow-bean biscuits' that we bought. I'm truely touched when they said the biscuit is delicious. Looking at their happy face when you concern them is something so wonderful that you will never know if you don't experience it yourself.

When I feed them during lunch time, they reminded me of my Grandma.
Do you find out that old people tends to have similarities in their expression or appearance although they are from different family?

The grandma I'm feeding in the photo is 99 years old. =)

I found out that they always protect their children no matter how old they are. They are always craving for their children's concern but they find some reasons telling us that their children are busy working out there when they do not visit them oftenly. See? They are being so good to their child but they ended up staying in the old folks home. Why? The same reasons over and over again are used by their child-busy, no time to take care of them, no one is taking care of them and blah blah blah.

After that, i went to chat with some ah ma. Even simple conversation is enough because we are concerning them with our sincere heart. I know they can feel it. =)

*Peace* 99 years old! =)

The Ah-ma at the right loves KFC drumstick xD
Her complexion even better than mine! Omg! xD

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