Sunday, March 8, 2009

Boys over Flowers

Oh ya, i have forgotten to mention what drama i am addicted to currently in the previous post. Erhem. *clears my throat* It's the Korean version of "Meteor Garden-流星花园"-Boys over Flowers/Kkotboda Namja. And I think i'm in love with the character of Goo Joonpyo in this Korean drama. *blushing* =P

I'm always having fun watching Korean drama than other type of dramas, maybe because i love the slang and language of Korean. I have learned some simple korean words/sentence from the dramas other than the famous "Aneyohaseiyo" and "Kamsamhamidha". My sisters and I always jotted down the pronounciation of the Korean words whenever we listened to the conversation in the drama. We have a book full of Korean words but it has gone missing to somewhere in my house. =[ I wish to learn the proper Korean, maybe after i'm graduated. =)

Anyone who has Astro and if you are interested in watching Korean drama, please tune to KBS channel[303] every Sunday around 12p.m.. xD

~Let Miss Shin-Yi teach you some Korean words today~
O-Ma : Mum
O-Ba : Dad
O-Ni : Sister
A-ra-ba-zhi : Grandfather

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