Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY special edition

Chinese New Year Special Edition:

Below are the 2 big HEADLINES during the CNY celebrations!

1. RM60++ flew away just for a breakfast today

My sister and my dad(2 people only) spent Rm30++ for their breakfast, i.e. dimsum today and unfortunately, they have to give big AngPao which cost RM30 to the policeman because my dad has forgotten to pay for the parking ticket! Haha! It is just so funny and i can't refrain myself from laughing out loudly HAHAHA when they told me this incident. They even have their DimSum breakfast at the restaurant which i have warned them before that the food there is quite terrible and expensive. Hmmmphhh, you see, never listen to me lahhh! =P

2. Memorable CNY House Visiting with Rain Pours

I thought the weather during CNY should be HOT and SUNNY as usual. However, everything turned upside down after we were on the way to Kim Sheng's house. Noooooo!!!!

Okay, Lets start from the beginning.

Today, we have CNY house visiting with our girls gang and the guys gang. There are 8 of the girls gang which include me, Ee, AiAi, ZY, JJ,GW, SL and HY while 5 of the guys gang which include HR, KS, Yau, SY and XC. Anyway, Navin, HL, Megga,Jerald, Kuben, CK and Caleb joined us after that. The first station of the visitings was Ee's house followed by AiAi's house. That is when we got wet and became like siao po running around on the way to KS's house! Omg! This is the first time I experienced such an extraordinary visitings under the rain! =D Although we sweated a lot and became smelly and tired, it is just so fun and memorable! Haha!

After that, we continued our journey to Jerald's house while passing by SOMEONE's house in purpose due to some "circumstances". HahHAha! *You all know what i mean right!!* Then we stopped by Navin's house to invite him to join our journey. Aiks, that was when the rain started to pouring down again! T_T

Anyway, my CNY mood were not influenced even a tiny little bit by the rain because a super cute and friendly puppy which belongs to Jerald's sister welcomed us! Haaaha! It is soooooooooooooooo soooooooooooo CUTE that i swore i want to curi away the puppy during the midnight from Jerald. Grrr, forget about the swear larrh, i'm just kidding! xD

After chit-chatting and playing some funny games named "Piang! Piang! Piang!" which almost squeezed my brain into juices, we went for our next station to Caleb's house at tepat-tepat 2p.m.. We have our lunch-Mee Hun there and we even enjoyed listening to some music played by Caleb and Jerald with the piano. Oh ya, I really like Caleb's house~ Haha! His house is such an antic house and the decorations are beautiful. Heehe.. We made some lame jokes about Caleb's chickens because Caleb told me one of the chickens name Harmony and they are imported from Singapore! Omg! You know what, HY and I wanted to 'errrhemm' them as our BBQ main course and Singapore Chicken Rice! Haaahaaa, Caleb, don't take it seriously, we are just joking okie?! =D

Oh ya, do you know that Kuben have some new hamsters?!

He started to calling us hamsters just because we grabbed over some pumpkin seeds from him! Grrrhh! Haha! There was a car passing by when we were walking at the middle of the road, so he shouted at us, "hamsters! My hamsters!" Haaahaa! Omg!

Our last station was GW's house~ Haaaaa, our feet got tired after walking around from Taman Desawan to Taman Klang Jaya.... Anyway, I'm glad that I learned how to play Mahjong from GW and her sisters! Yiiipii~ =D

That's all about our 2009 CNY house visitings trip! Weeeheee~ I really enjoy walking around with a big group of friends, making stupid jokes around, collecting AngPaos, eating biscuits, drinking packet drinks and gambling without money! =) A big Thanks to this trip, I have a wonderful day and memory before SPM arrived.........

p/s: I have to wait for AiAi and the others to upload the photos! Hey, better upload faster okay! Then I'll grab from you all! =P

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