Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Tomorrow will be the fourth day of my school life. Haha! And i even have the plan to PONTENG school just because of the PMD lar! o.0 Anyway, everything goes well and i'm happy in school currently. Haha! And Yes! I'm inspired or motivated by Pn. Arumalar to start study Sejarah again! Thanks to this dedicated teacher! =)

Below is some cute photos i have taken during the Genting trip. Ahhhh, i missed the mist, the cool weather and the fresh air in Genting! =[

Left: Jie Sheng the Ko-Ko
Right: Jie Ling the Mei-Mei
Center: A stranger (Haha!)

Left: Naa
Center: Eu Jin
Right: Mei-Mei

Naa and I with the Santa Claus =]

Now you know who are the two fellow wearing green and polka dot jackets! Haa! The left one is Jie Shun the Shun-Shun, he is the youngest one, follow by Mei-Mei and Ko-Ko. They are my favorite cousins! =P I love them soo soo sooo much!!!!! xD

The fat cute huge Santa Claus

I don't have any idea who is this but she's CUTE!

Mancis man yang tergantung pada payung?! xD

Mr Snow Man!

Decorations in the Theme Park Hotel:


yeeai said...

haha.. wow the decoration so nice!
sobsob.. shinyi no bring me go ~~ T_T..

Yi-Yi said...

Heeehe! Yaa.. But the decorations is for christmas one, i went after christmas =.="