Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Workshop oldman Part 1

Today's main topic - The workshop oldman. =)

Haha! He's following my mum! What a busy body dog! =P

Hmm, i think he's excited over something... =D

Har! That's the prove he is the WORKSHOP OLDMAN!
*please refer to his nose*

A near shot...

See! See the black black dust on his nose??
Busy repairing my dad's car AFTER you have "done" something on it?? =P

Today is an unlucky day.

The badminton tournament was canceled due to a district's netball competition! Ish. The teacher said there is a condition where if there are state or district's competition, school's competition will be canceled/postponed. Ish.

Anyway, the most unlucky thing is we stayed back at the andalas court although we were told to go back because I thought i wanted to practice badminton there. This was totally a wrong decision.

My 2 friends were playing badminton while i sat aside to watch them playing.

All of a sudden, i heard a loud THUMMMM sound.
My brain was still in a blank state but i immediately knew what happened after 1 second because i felt a loud pain on my head. Imagined my friend was stroking her racket and KENA my head. It's the metal rim that hit my head you know... Ouch! I'm so unlucky. My friend felt so guilty lar.. But it's not really pain after that larr.. Really! Just bengkak.. Haha.. My head is thick! Haha!

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