Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grown up

Ops! Cussy is matured enough now as he is already one year old. But, things are getting worse as he is growing up because he seems getting confused of what he want now... Haha! Okay, now is the mating season for dogs and we noticed that he is barking more frequently than usual even in the midnight. At the beginning, i thought there is "something" outside the gate which made him bark, but now we realised that he wanted to go out! He is CRAVING for love! OMG! Haha! In a simple sentence, he wants a girlfriend.... xD

I think he is very confused now and do not know what to do to release his 'stress'. Haha! Poor little dog, I'm a human, not a dog, so.... i can't help you! xD

My mum said he has LOVE SICK and it's quite serious because he is so 'sick' that he has no appetite to eat! xD All the things in his mind now is "HOW TO GET OUT FROM THIS JAIL AND LOOK FOR A GIRLFRIEND"!


Angeline said...

Fuyoooo your cussy matured deee.. haha XD..
Go find one for him la.. he so lonely loooo..
after that 1 years old become papa d lol..=3

Yi-Yi said...

haha! Yeap! He matured already. Haiz.. i can't let him out to find a galfriend lar cos' later he don't want to come back again... =( and later if her galfren got baby already who want to take care of the baby?? =( i'll giv u lar! =P