Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stories? stories? STORIES??

Phff.. Our school, not to mention which school because it is still my "lovely" school, has got everything now! Previously was monkeys or known as human who don't really act like human , dogs, frogs, lizards, rats and now there are 'something else'! OMG! Today i heard a extremely shocking news which is related to the toilet. OMG! I know i shouldn't be acting like a primary student believing those creepy stories but i cannot help myself thinking of it and getting goosebumps all over my body because there are students and teachers who can be the witness.
At the beginning there are rumors about ghost story in our school and i thought its just a story. No, no...... After got some proper news from my malay friends, then only i knew that is hysteria. And... And... Today!!!! They told me that was a believing that the girl who got hysteria actually saw something in the toilet and............ OMG!


I ' m s p e e c h l e s s .

Okay, i should change another story...

My Bio teacher got mad at us today!!!!

4S3 students will say, "Biasalah." [of course]

The way she talked sounded like she felt hopeless to us and heart-broken. I was so scared that she couldn't restrain herself from crying out because she looked like she was merajuk-ing and almost cry. Phff.. 4S3, 4S3? What to do? This is us! The devils who are tremendously famous and well-known of its smart-but-laziness, rudeness, arrogance, talkativeness,monyet-ness and blablabla... Phff.

Are we really incorrigible?


Angeline92 said...

yer.. jahatnya..
aiya my class oso same always buli her...XD

Yi-Yi said...

Because she's not fierce, so everyone is not afraid of her! xD