Sunday, July 27, 2008

Human and Dog's fight!

Do you know how a dog fight with his own ex-owner?? xD Below are some evidence about A dog and A Human's Fight...

Cussy, the bad dog approached Ayl and tried to tackle his ex-owner!

His approaching was very successful!
Ayl:Grrrr! You bad dog, I wanna kill you!

The bad dog: Bwahaha! You will never kill me because I'm STRONG!

Ayl: Oh no!
The bad dog: WrooF! Come on! Come and FIGHT with me!

Second approach~
The bad dog was getting weaker and weaker!

Aha! At last, The bad dog was beaten by Ayl! Yiiipy!

Ayl win the fight! Congratz!

Poor little bad dog, you looked exhausted!


Tadaa! Cheer Up, Thebaddog!! Here's a bouquet of flower for you as a consolation price!

Really?? *smileee!*
I promise you i'll be a goood dog from now on! I won't attack you anymore, ok! =)

*Story ends*

Bwahaha! I tipu you one lar, the bad little dog! The flower is actually a gift for Naa!! =P
Congrats to Naa, The diploma graduator of Hotel Management! =)


Angeline92 said...

woah... ganas wei..haha XD
oh grats to your sister !!

Yi-Yi said...

Haiz.. biasalah.. My dog memang is a very super ganas dog.. That's why my hands and legs full of scars... =(