Friday, July 18, 2008

I broke my record!

I wanna WIN! I really wanna win that game!

I have broken the record in myself as i have never been active in playing sports. But, now, I joined volleyball competition! Perlawanan antara rumah larr not antarabangsa of course. Lol. But at least i joined right?? =)

This is the first time in my life i played hockey and volleyball! And i love both of them! Ish. I don't know why everytime the moment i fall in love with a certain sport and i loss the chance to play it again! Ishh! I thought we could win the second match! Issh! Why larrr!! Gerammm betul!

To the GUY sitting beside the court who was watching our game: You are not a gentleman at all! I don't like you! I'm so sorry that i hit your head but it doesn't mean that you can take revenge on us with those discouraging words! You know the girl is new to the game and yet you still told her to step the red line to confuse her! You lelaki yang tidak berguna only know how to confuse us! Grraaahh..

You know what? He purposely threw the ball to me and said, "Sorry har, saya tak sengaja..." Ish. I smiled back to him and said, "tak ape...." =P Bleh.

Okay, let me promise to myself, I want to join volleyball competition next year!! (although i just know how to serve) Haha! =D


Angeline92 said...

wah.. u joined ar.. I'm so malas to join and give them stupid excuses .. XD..

ya stupid guy.. or probably they are not guy.. they are gay X3..

Yi-Yi said...

Haha! At first i also malas nak join but siew ling there so i joined lo..=) now only i realise volleyball very nice! =)

Haiyo, the guy really makes me geram lar! stupid guy.. haha!