Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Believe it or not?

I choose not to believe rather than believing it like a stupid mangkuk but at last ends up knowing that it is not the truth actually. That is what i always do to prevent huge disappointment.


Back to my dog's topic =P

Today when i was walking back from school, i met the auntie who always bring her dog for a walk at the padang. You guess what? She invited me to have a look at her 2 months old puppies!! Haha! I thought she just wanted to show me the puppies but then she asked me to go into her house to see the puppies! =D We didn't actually talk to each other for many times but she was so friendly and trusted me to go into her house to see the pups. Haha! I'm proud of it! *perasan betul!* Anyway, i was kind of touching when she told me,"I've been looking for you quite a few times to show you my puppies. I always think i must tell this girl about the pups but i don't have chance to tell you. Some times i saw you walking your big dog around so i didn't call you. I waited for you after your schooling time but i didn't see you too." ^^

This auntie whom i don't really know what is her name is a kindergarten teacher. She has two dogs, one is a black terrier(the father of the pup) while another one is hush puppy(the mother of the pup), and both are friendly dogs! ^^

Aha! The two cute puppies are super duper cute and pretty! One looks exactly like the black father and the other one looks exactly like the mother(hush puppy)! I was busy playing and touching the pups while the hush puppy was making the crying sound. Haha! The auntie told me that the hush puppy was a sweet dog that she enjoys people touching her, so maybe she was jealous that outsiders were playing with her children but not her xD

Okay, back to my dog! =P Nah, Jeje, this is cussy's new pic lar!

OMG, he looks like a hamsap lou in this pic! Hahahaha...

Phewww.. At last, Cussy, the hamsap lou turned normal now. I mean he got back his big appetite again! Oh ya, just to inform you, Girlgirl Jeje, i will not feed him dog's biscuit at afternoon anymore. I will only feed him a little bit depends on his mood in the morning before i go to school. Okay?

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