Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tepuk Semangat!!!

Tepuk Semangat!

Raja Mahadi! *Cemerlang! Gemilang! Terbilang!*

In! *breathe in* Out! *Hergh!!!!*

*Selamat datang! Selamat datang! Selamat datang kawanku! Apa Khabar! Apa Khabar! Apa Khabar kawanku! Herahei! *clap clap clap* Herahei! *clap clap clap* Hurahuray! Yiyo u u u u~*

*Salam~ Salam~ Salam salam salam! Halo~ Halo~ Halo Halo halo!*

So here i am to say HI again to everyone! Because I am back since 2 days ago from the "hell training leadership camp" !! XD

Its known as "hell training" or "pure NS training" by all my friends who joined the camp! Lol..

The first day we arrived at Hutan Lipur Gunung Senyum, Pahang, we were totally shocked and everyone were like "Why the heck we spent our RM50 to be tortured by them??!! I rather spend it with food!! Isssh!" SO, in other words, we were absolutely REGRET.

For example, the first time we were going to have our lunch, i was scolded terribly by the Tuan. I came a little bit later into the line and i was blur that time. I saw them holding the cup by the mouth but i don't know why they do like that. So, i didn't bother about that.

All of a sudden!
"Awak KURANG AJAR KE??!! klj&*^^689_+)+A][\#$#@%^&ukUHDFSIO6753213$#$56!!!~~~~"
As you know, i am such a slow and stupid person, i thought they were drinking the tea so i drank the tea =.=


WHAT?? He took out his shoe and tried to throw it on my face!! WHAT??!!
I was so blur only and suddenly he scolded me... I was still in "WHAT happen??!!" condition... Lol.. What a stupid me... =.=

However, i am glad and proud of myself because i didn't cry or being beaten by him. Strong Yi-Yi!! Haha! Good job!!! *clappss*

Anyway, i think this is a really best experience for me as no one has ever done that to me. I mean trying to throw a shoe to me and shout at me like hell. Thanks a lot to the camp!! =)

I am a stronger person now!! =)

After that, we are "served" to sit on the floor in a dewan makan and keep on looking at the food without eating it. Ish. Then we must pray first and followed by "Jemput makan tuan, jemput makan cikgu, jemput makan semua". And finally, "okay, makan makan semua," only then we can eat. That was the way we were treated by the tuan before we eat. Erm sometimes i felt its kinda like "life in jail"..... xD Anyway, it was a special experience! =)

You believe it or not? My friends and I miss the camp all the time!! xD During tuition, my friend asked me, "What are we suppose to be doing now if we are in the camp?" xD Yeaahh.. Maybe eating, playing or torturing by the tuan! xD

Oh ya, another super duper "scary" experience in camp was walking alone in a quiet and creepy road in the middle of forest during MIDNIGHT. The tuan frightened us by saying that WE MUST NOT SCREAM EVEN IF THERE ARE SOMETHING APPROACHING/STANDING BESIDE US. And he said we will pass by a cemetery area of 400 years history during the trekking. So, lets look around, people were praying or rubbing their hands due to nervousness. Lol... And so am i, i kept on holding my "FU"/azimat in my pocket and pray to my great grandparents to ensure i will reach the checkpoint safely and flawlessly. xD

In the process of walking, you will notice some white shadows/creatures passing by you, black shadows beside the road, rubbish/branches on the middle of the road, creepy noises, people in black dresses following you when you passed by them................. This was all the STUPID TRICKS to see whether we are brave or not!! ISSSSssssHhhhHHhhh!

The best part in the camp was cave trekking!!!! Yay!!! Climbing stairs which are very slant, walking on the slippery muddy soil, walking through a pond............ Although i was called "anak manja" by the tuan as i walk quite slow and too careful, its was all WORTH!!!! =D

Haiz... The 3 days 2 night was over already... I miss it a lot!! I miss sleeping and chatting with my friends in the DOM, washing hair outside the toilet, eating in the dewan makan, playing games with everyone, jungle trekking or playing "obstacles game", cave trekking and shouting slogan/clapping the tepukan semangat with everyone in the camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was FUN!!! FUN!!!! FUN!!! =)

Byyeeebyyyeee, Gunung Senyum!! =)

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