Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keyed up! Yippie!

I'm totally excited man! Because i am going for a camp this friday! The first ever camp I'm going to experience! Woooooooohhhhhhoooooooooooooo!

The best part is I'm going with all my goood and deaaarr friends! It's going to be fun with friends~!

On Monday, we went for a "taklimat" (i don't know how to tell in english) which was held by Pn.Mahani. She told us we are going to go for a "cave trekking"! Wooots! Cave? It sounds cool uh!! Yeppi! Oh yeh~ I'm going into a cave and walk through it! I'm getting excited and more excited! My friends are all keyed up too! All of us are adventurous wei! =)

We are too excited so we ends up planning it much more earlier about the things to bring during the camping and the things we mustn't do during the camping.

Our plan about things to bring for the camp:
  • snacks! *each person brings 2 packets of snacks!* Lol isn't too much? But Miss AiAi insists us to buy that! Haha!
  • hand phone! Hp to take photos as we are going to take a walk or rest at kampung-kampung places during the prayer time for the Malays. Woots! Kampung! Excited la wei!
  • torchlight! Just in case if we need it during the Cave Trekking.
  • Plaster, shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste.... *It's a must!* Lol
  • 2 pairs of shoes, 1 pair of slipper, 3 pairs of stocking
  • Erm, The MUST for woman. I think you know about it :P
  • cap, tracksuit, long pants, t-shirts
  • 1 big bottle of mineral water, just to prevent from exhausting. Lol
  • Uno cards! Without this, we'll be bored in the bus as the journey to the Gunung takes 4-5 hours! Wow, my butt will be paining arh!
  • Sleeping bag/Mat! ZzzZzzz Just for sleeping~ :D
  • Specs case! Where should i put my specs in the tent without this?.. Lol Dangerous you know without my lovely specs... xD

Okay.. Okay.. Let me countdown!

3 more days to go!!

Okay.. Okay.. Lets pray for me.. Hopefully the camp is FUN, Fun, fUN !!!! :)

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