Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones + Book Fair!

Yippi! I have spent my 1st day of my 2 weeks holidays by going to KLCC! Really thanks a lot to Miss Y.Ai's dad because her dad sent us straight to KLCC and helped us to save approximately RM7! Haha.. Thanks a lot! =)

When we reached there, its only 9.05a.m! Imagined KLCC and the Convention Centre is still deserted because it was too early! So, we go "lepak-ing" in suria KLCC by window shopping at the closed shop. Lol. Most of the shops are still close! so, No choice! =( But even if the shops are open, we can't buy anything from the shop too because the things are all TOO EXPENSIVE! xD The only advantage we got during the "lepak-ing" was "viewing" the Ah Mo s. Haha.. Sooo Sooo Sooo HANDSOME n PRETTY, man! Lol! No such guys can be found in Malaysia. Oppps. Haha, sad case.

On the way of lepak, lepak and lepak, finally we reached the TGV and of course, can't refrained from watching a movie as we have got nothing to do there. Two choices to watch: 1) Indiana Jones 2) Forbidden Kingdom
At the beginning, i was quite refused to watch IJ because the trailer looked old and not really interesting but it was the only movie begins at 10.30am. The others starts at 12.00pm included FK. So, final decision: INDIANA JONES.

~#In the process of watching the movie#~
*full of laughters, screams and Wows~*

Unexpectedly, the movie was really very amazing and fantastic! *Thumbs-up!* It is a good movie! So, people out there, please go and watch it! No disappointment nor wasting of money! =D Worth to watch! =D

After that, we went to the Book Fair in the Convention Centre. We walked to the ticket counter but ended up finding out that people under 18 do not need to pay for the entrance fees! Yippi! We saved SOME money again! Aha. The first impression when i walked into the Book Fair was....

"Wow. So many stalls and books. Soooo, where should i go??"

It was very big and eventually 3 of us splat into 3 different directions. So, i was walking alone amid the huge crowd, trying my best to search for my preferable books such as teenage romance, pet book and some other fiction english books. (Yes, i want to improve my English) Going round, and round and round, i was erm.. Lost? Maybe... Hahaha xD I have a bad sense of directions =( And all of a sudden, i found myself in a pile (?) of offered assorted CDs. And suddenly, this thought flew over my mind, "I should buy my sister Khalil Fong's CD because she said she wanted to buy an original one." So, i started to search like mad in the big pile of CDs. And the results is ZERO. Lol. Okay, i tried another way by asking the Popular's promoters and TADAAA! I've got you now! Khalil Fong's CD! =) Only RM29.80! Cheaap man! My sis will in the 7th heaven cos' i bought her her favorite singer's CD! =)

After i paid it at the counter, again, I went round, round and round to search for a book to be buy. From Klang, i went to KLCC, if i did not buy anything home, i will be a biggie big WASTE!

"Marley and Me"

In a sudden, I was totally attracted by the dog's picture at the front page of the novel. And after i read the synopsis of the novel, i get more interested in this book! As you know, i, the great dog lovers, of course, can't miss out this dog's book right??!! YEP!! I seldom find a dog's novel in book shops now.. so, i spent another RM30 to buy "Marley and Me"! Wow!

Lemme check my pocket.... What?! RM 14.00 left! o.0

RM2.60 + RM 3.60 = RM6.20 (Train ticket)
RM5.50 + RM1.10=RM6.60 (Lunch)

RM13.00-RM12.80=RM0.20 (Total money left)

Only RM0.20 left?!!!! Awwww.......

However, we went home happily (cos' Y.A bought her fav book-ancient book, S.L-China war's book and me-dog book!) by KTM and LRT! =) Ops. I forgot the exhaustedly. Lol.

#The END# =)

Happy Holidays all!! =D

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