Friday, May 16, 2008

Go ! Chong Wei!

Wow! I am proud for you Chong Wei!!! Yiiippiii~~

My sisters and I were shouting, screaming and jumping like mad people because Thomas Cup M'sia vs China was really marvelous!! Chong Wei vs Lin Dan, Guess who win this match??

Chong Wei!!!!!


You have proved to everyone that You are not a juara kampung anymore!! No moreee!! And you are GOOD!! :D

However, bad news in the other end of this superly good news.

KKK and TBH lost to FHF and CY! Haiz.. How i wish you all can win!

Anyway, i was not really that disappointed the moment you all have lost because i saw IMPROVEMENT and EFFORTS that you all put in the game.

KKK kept on made mistakes in the earlier part of the game, but finally he managed to catch up!! *claps for you!!!*

TBH was getting better now! In his tactic or steadiness.

Lost but Proud! Because you all have proved to me that you all are competent to beat the two China man!!

GoGoGo!! Tan Boon Heong and Koo Kien Kiet!! Keep it up, yo man!! xD

Pray for me everyone, i hope Malaysia team can make it to the final in Thoman Cup 2008!! =)

Malaysiiiiiiiiia BoooooooLeHHHhhhh~!!!!

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