Friday, May 30, 2008

5th day of Holidays

So, 5th day of my holiday. It's a lovely Friday cos' i PONTENG Mrs. Sangk's maths workshop to have a lovely breakfast with my lovely family and lovely cousins.


Today is absolutely not going to end up as a lovely ending because MY ELDEST SIS IS GOING TO FLY TO UK TOMORROW, means the midnight after today.

3 months, or maybe more, of separations between Malaysia and UK. It might sounds short, but to everyone in this family, its not going to be as short as you imagine. However, high technologies nowadays solve this problem easily. We can chat with each other, although we step at different soil, live in different climate (obviously), different languages, different cultures and food and people, we can be still tightly connected throught WEBCAM, MSN and PHONE. =)

Happy travelling + studying + adventuring in overseas, sis! =D

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