Friday, October 10, 2008


Ops. Ops. Mating season of dog again! It will be "The nightmare of the owner, The fantasy of the DOGS".... xD

As usual, our nightmare begins when the dogs are extremely excited during the MIDNIGHT. Especially this week. Argh, a female dog appeared from nowhere at our neighbourhood last week and it created chaos in our family or our neighbours. It has successfully attracted my erm... MATURE dog's attention. This matter is getting worse when the female dog loves to wandering around my house with another few dogs. Arrgh. She even sat 'gracefully' infront of my gate for no purpose. Geram lah, for what lahh she want to attract my dog and make my dog barking around!!

After a small discussion between my sisters and I during 4a.m. in the morning (Cussy woke us up), we made the final decision. We have to neuter the dog!!! In the other words, we wanted to take away his most important organ... xD The stuff that males are made of. Haha!
I know this is cruel, but...... We have to do it! Sorry, Cussy! =(

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