Saturday, June 7, 2008

Congratz!!! =D

Issssh. My hand hurts. Cussy's fault lah!!! Makes me geram betul!! Arggh!! Sorry if i have scolded you stupid many times, but i really can't refrain myself from cursing you. Anyway, its just a few minutes cursing because i do love you very much! Ish. So sorry so so so sorry but you very naughty lah!!! =/


Awwww. Our(my sis n i) heart nearly jumped out just now when i took my dog for a stroll. His leash got off from his body all of a sudden. And the reason is undiscovered yet. Luckily, our good/not smart dog didn't realize that his leash got off and he was so close to the freedom. =D Goood Dog, Cussy! =D So, my sis quickly ran back home and took another leash to tie him up. Awwww. Thank god! Cussy didn't run away. Or else we might involve in running-and-chasing game now. Haha! (This is not the reason why i scolded him as i mentioned above)

Cussy's leash~

The way he looks when he is tied with the leash.


Anyway, today is a full-occupied day.

Today is the red letter day of my uncle, who is nearly 40 years old! Wow, congratulation, be ku!! I'm glad that you found your partner and she is quite a easygoing, kind and friendly person!! =)

Man with ties and blouses and black pants posing in a row! xD What a magnificent sight!!

Okay, so we woke up at 7 a.m. and rushed to my grandpa's house to wait for the bridegroom to get ready. After everything is ready, my sis and i followed my dad to the bride's house and waited for the bride. Then, again, we got into the car and went to the church which the bride and the bridegroom held their marriage there.

The bride & the bridegroom! =)

After took our lunch in the church, we went back to my grandpa's house again. As usual, i played with the small little smelly poor dog at the neighbor's house. He's so kesian because he is chained up and never has his freedom to run around the house. He looks so happy and excited when he saw me, maybe because he has no other friends. Aww. Poor little dog. Anyway, i love your friendliness and the way you welcome me. =)

The i-dunno-whats-his-name dog~

After "Pang teh"/"Zham Cha" ceremony is carried out everyone went home one by one for a rest. Yeap, its tired man! =/ However, we didn't went home but went straight to my aunt, Dua Ko's house to take the big pulut (zhang). As usual (again), i played with Gigi, my aunt's dog and took some of his photos. He is way too small if compared to Cussy, my golden lab dog. I don't even feel anything when he put his paws on my hand! If hes Cussy, for sure some scars and scratches will be form on my hand. Haha.

Kelvin's chi hua hua mix, named GiGi~

Our next journey was HOME!! Wow, finally! Home-sweet-home!! =D

And lastly, we went to the restaurant sekinchan to have our dinner. The food was quite delicious and its not expensive! We have found another new place to take our dinner! Yay!

# girl-girl jeje, next time when u come back from Uk we will bring you the restaurant and eat ok?? not bad la the food.. =) #

The end.... Wow, tired... =_=

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