Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I think. He is Annoying.

After that incident, i started to change my opinion about you. I don't mean to do that but you irritates me. Especially your messages.

I think i'm totally stupid to let you STEPPED into my house. I treated you as a NORMAL friend only. Don't be PERASAN lah. *sorry to be mean* I'm kind enough to let you use my computer and the cable but you secretly transfered my pic into your phone. Do you know that it is a very immoral attitude?! And i hate people doing that before asking my permission.

Let me show you how PERASAN is him.
Your friend asked me, "You have radio in your house ah?" And you replied him before i opened my mouth, "No no, she got no radio, i went to her house before."
Oh yes ar? Wow, I don't have a radio. I didn't even know i have lost a radio or sell off my radio. Wow. You talked as if you are know my house so well. As if you go into my rooms before. I thought you sat in the hall only that day. Wow.

You knew my hand phone is out of credits (a beuatiful lie) and you purposely sent me LAME messages. You think it's fun huh? But it irritated me. I'm not as lame as you to reply your lame messages okay. Although my phone still has a lot of credits. I lied to you. Bleh. But your six sense is good uh. You sensed that i'm scolding behind you and that's the truth. I had even scolded you and talked bad about you with my sisters. Bleh.

Today, before school started, you came and asked why i didn't reply you. I told you i have no credits right! You asked me to reload. I answered him, "You reload for me, lah!" But you were reluctant to reload for me right. It's great. Then why do you expect me to reply you. Bleh.

After school, you wanted to go to my house again. Am i such a fool person to let you go again?! No thanks. I'll reject you anyhow with any lame excuse. Bleh. Even you come to my house, my sis will be waiting for you and preparing to BOMB you. Come lah. If you dare to. You will go back with black face. (translated from mandrin lol)

Uhmmm.. I think i seriously need to calm myself down. I sounded angry and irritated right... Ops sorry... I'm just expressing my feelings. I'm so sorry to be mean.

Anyway, you made me have a negative view on you. I don't like your "you-thought-you're-so-close-to-me" attitude. Everything will not ended up like this if you treat me as normal friend and if you never send me that kind of lame messages.

Sorry again.

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